California Mexico

Feast in a Can

Similarly to fine wine, abalone display fine nuances to clear differences in taste, aroma and bite depending on the species and the location in which they grow. Important are also the season in which they are harvested and the way they are processed. The best come from Baja California on the West coast of Mexico! They are rare and very expensive. We provide them under the prestigious California Mexico brand. They are perfect for special occasions and exceptional presents.

Gold Abalone

The Gold label is reserved for the very rare, large, one whole piece abalone per can. They live in the sea for over 15 years and are prestigious and very flavourful.

Blue Abalone

Delicious! Found in 3 to 7m deep water. Average size 20cm. Blue Abalone have an oval shape and are usually bigger than Yellow Abalone. The taste is mild and smooth. Both Yellow Abalone and Blue Abalone have beautiful iridescent shells that are appreciated by collectors and artisans.

Yellow Abalone

Heaven sent! Found in 7 to 60m deep water which makes them difficult to catch. At an average size of 15cm Yellow Abalone are smaller than Blue Abalone. They exhibit clearly the much admired wild abalone taste.

Tell Mama

The Excellent Abalone

For the more day to day enjoyment we suggest our TellMama brand abalone from South Africa and Australia. They are more affordable and also very delicious.

South African Abalone in Imperial Sauce

South Africa’s top selection of fresh abalone, braised in a superior sauce. The content is already cooked, simply heat and enjoy!

South African Abalone in Brine

Top chef’s selection! Worth the price! Whether for a prestigious gift, for the highlight of a banquet or a special occasion at home, it will be appreciated for sure. Different sizes are available!

Wild Australian Abalone in Brine

Wild caught in the clear, cold waters of South Australia. Wonderful abalone taste! Impress your guest or surprise your family at a festive occasion. Good quality, reasonable price.

What to look for when selecting abalone

Wild abalone are rare and very expensive and so most abalone are now farmed. The rule of thumb is, small abalone = farmed, large abalone = wild caught

  • Make sure that you are buying abalone from a trusted source that guarantees that wild abalone are harvested legally and sustainable.
  • Know what you pay for: look out for the "drained weight" on the can. The "net weight" includes the water.
  • Stay well clear of chemically treated or flavor enhanced abalone. Bleach makes the meat nice and white but impairs its unique taste.
  • Be aware of the "best by date"

Good to know

Abalone has very little cholesterol

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